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so much creative and joy photographing in emind photo studio now, with our variable backgrounds system, copyAB6W6998TUVancouver studio portrait photography with selective backgroundsRBIN8429-mail

images taken in studio look like on desired locations. no more boring dark grey backdrops or hand painted rose garden which is being used almost every day in old days …it is a new way we set it up in emind photo studio, quick change from picture to picture for background screen,


“always sunny in Vancouver !”- as we promise in emind photo studio , we capture all of your formals an elegant look as if you were shot for a cinema graphic   lAB6W6745_Bocations. set-up specialized for Senior and grad students, young’s, new models, actor, actress. cooperate with creative lighting to achieve the real location result of real life as you are traveling, enjoy the breath in front of red maple tree in late October or you walk along on a romantic beach, sun setting just right behind the scene… all these thousands of ideas, we just capture in our photo studio, even in dark or rainy days .


studio portrait taken in emind photo studio. we have many selection of real-life-size backgrounds to be use photographing in studio, background can easily fit in four people as a small family. to create with the real scenic backgrounds we usually place lighting angles, the main feature light source direction to modifying mood as you posing on real locations, and we just capture in our emind photo studio, even in dark and a wet, rainy days. we also do alternative images and invite creative models to studio, a lot more samples show in the link below:


RBIN9595 copyRBIN9597 copy_MG_9580 copy_MG_9349 copyRBIN8425-mail

_MG_9323 copyAB6W6357 copy

_MG_9306 copy_MG_9268 copy_MG_8571 copyRBIN8429-mailAB6W6993 copyAB6W6988 copyAB6W6984-BWAB6W6842 copy_MG_8616BW3B_MG_9089 copy

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