Graduation photos

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AB6W6967 copyGraduation photo studioRobinWongPhotos8029RobinWongPhotos8009Graduation photos new way of studio graduation photographynew way of studio graduation photography

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SFU_6574+AB6961SFU-AB6W6957Graduation photography

graduation photo for University
grads. a new way to capture graduation pictures in emind photo studio, we don’t
use blue background or green, we use live

viewing Virtual
Backgrounds scene machine..

photograph portraits
with life view background, people can see final result instantly on screen.AB6W3868 copy

we stock all faculties
of graduation gowns, hoods and cap for SFU, and gowns for UBC, University of
Victoria.. we have over one thousand of live view backgrounds to choose from,
view of outdoor gardens, trees, flowers, beach with sunset view, mountains…
for all season, just photograph in emind photo studio with our scene AB6W3874 copymachine.


 AB6W2304-p-8x10-mail copyAB6W2330-px2-8x10-mail copyAB6W2345-p-8x10-mail copy

Promise every client
a “sunny day” for their special day photo capturing. Give all of your formals
an elegant look as if you were shot for a magazine.

Gardens, sunsets,
church interiors, stained glass… the possibilities are unlimited.AB6W9655-B copy

grad student photographs at University of British Columbia CampusAB6W9670-B copy

graduation photo studio Vancouver BCSFU graduation photographyVancouver graduation photography studio

SFU graduation photo studio picture

New age school photographer studio in Vancouver


In emind photo studio, we have total control of the backgrounds and the lighting. with our new modify Virtual Backgrounds scene machine is the perfect way to put new life
into modern, high end portrait photography.RBIN8792 copy

IMG_7324-C IMG_7324-DIMG_7324-D

Graduation photo packages

a. Two backgrounds changing, 4 viewing images 400 pixels on CD, one image touch-up and print 8X10 professionally



b. Four changing backgrounds 8 viewing images 400 pixels on CD, two 5X7 and one 11X14 professional prints with same image touch-up


payment method: for now, we accept Cheque or cash.

School-picSFU_Graduation photography3


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_MG_9269 copy

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studio photography





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