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.. be confident, positive, friendly, showing the best angle of you…

It is what you want presenting yourself to your clients. Photographing business head shots are lots different from just doing a passport photo, we recommend a nice hairdo and make-up. We use up to 5 strobes in studio, placing them in different way by every individual, in order to present your best look.

A basic business head shot photo session, we photograph seven to ten shots in studio and pick the best to do touch-up, save as the dimension you needed for your web page, business card printing or promotion materials…

You will have a final image in JPG or TIF format, 300 dpi, send over by email or ftp in next day, price start only $60.00, you will experience the most professional service in photo industry.

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when doing on locations photography, using portable light weight lightings approaches used for portrait and headshot photography. One option is to set up professional lighting before the session begins, which results in a flattering controlled quality of light. The other approach is to use available light, resulting in more natural looking journalistic photos.

Because busy executives have so little time to spare, experienced portrait photographers work quickly and efficiently, sensitive to the client’s needs. Regardless of the approach taken and amount of time for the photo session, a successful portrait captures a person’s essence, energy and personality in the most flattering of ways.’

studio also offer document application photos.. passport photo, permanent resident photo, visa photos and digital photos for online application .. $20.00/ person

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